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Guangzhou Musica Night on eve of New Year 2012
NRNA-NCC China -Happy New Year 2012 Gluangzhou Musical Night
NRN Global Conference 2011
NRN ICC Fifth Global Conference at Kathmandu Nepal
Happy Teej 2011 Celebration Party
Happy Teej  Program Celebration Party in Guangzhou, China
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Second Annual General Meeting 2011 Celebration
NRNA-NCC China Second Annual General Meeting-2011 in Guangzhou, China
NewYear2068 Celebration Party
Happy New Year 2068 Program Celebration Party in Guangzhou, China
Interaction Program with NRN ICC Vice President Jiba Lamichhane
Interaction Program with NRN Vice President Mr. Jiba Lamichhane in Guangzhou, China
Holi Celebration in China
Holi Festival Celebration Program in China
Happy New Year 2011 Celebration Program
Happy New Year 2011 Celebration Program in China
President Visit to China
President of Nepal's visit to Guangzhou China 2010
Asian Paragemes in Guangzhou
Donation & Dinner for Asian Paragames Athelets from Nepal in GuangZhou, China
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