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Nineteenth meeting of NRN-NCC China Executive Members held at Guangzhou, China.

The 19th NRN-NCC China Executive member meeting held at Guangzhou, china on 05-Sep-2010. And following decisions were made:

1. As per NRN policy to preserve and improve Nepali Culture and Tradition, it is decided to Celebrate the Nepali Woman’s Great Festival “Haritalika Brata (Teej). As per Customs of this Festival, it is decided to Invite Nepali ladies living in China to “Dar Khwaune”.

2. Mr. Govind Bhandari and Mr. Krishna Bahadur chhetri, who is living in Lujing Lu, Guangzhou was threatened by one Pakistani Goon (who claim to be a Mafia Member) and had collected some Money also was Captured and Handed over to Police in the Initiation of NRN-NCC China and was prosecuted as per law and Nepalese Embassy helped to send Message to Guangzhou police for the action. Meeting had took such action from NRN-NCC China as Great Help for all Nepalese and other Foreigners. It is also decided to circulate these news among Nepalese and other Foreigners.

Source: NRN-NCC China
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