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Twenty Third meeting of NRN-NCC China Executive Members held at Guangzhou, China.

The 23rd NRN-NCC China Executive member meeting held at Guangzhou, china on 06-Mar-2011. And following decisions were made:

1. NRN-NCC China Executive Committee pays Heartfelt condolence to Ex-PrimeMinister Saint Leader Late Mr. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai.

2. To Celebrate Nepalese Famous Festival “Fagu Purnima - Holi” on 19-Mar-2011(Saturday), an Holi Festival Organizing committee was formed in Coordination of Mr. Sudesh Jha and Members as below:

(i) Mr. Sudesh Jha                           Coordinator
(ii) Mr. Sanjay Chetani                    Member
(iii) Mr. Sagar Neupane                   Member

3. To Celebrate Nepali New Year 2068 sucessfully, an Organizing committee was formed in coordination of NRN-NCC China Advisor Mr. Shankar Gyawali.

(i) Mr. Shankar Gyawali                  Coordinator
(ii) Mr. Prakash Kharel                    Member
(iii) Mr. Pradeep Bhandari               Member

4. NRN-NCC China decided to hold Second Annual General Convention (Third Annual Program) on 11-Jun-2011 (Saturday). An organizing committee had been formed in coordination of NRN-NCC China Coordinator Mr. Sundar Thapa. The committee is as below:

(i) Mr. Sundar Thapa                     Coordinator
(ii) Mr. Sudesh Jha                        Joint-Coordinator
(iii) Mr. Sanjay Chetani                 Member
(iv) Mr. Shankar Gyawali              Member
(v) Mr. Prakash Kharel                 Member
(vi) Mr. Rajan JK                          Member
(vii) Mr. Pradeep Bhandari           Member
(viii) Mr. Rohit Agrawal                Member
(ix) Mr. Sushil Belbase                  Member
(x) Mr. Utsav Shrestha                  Member

Source: NRN-NCC China
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