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Unanimously Formed 3rd Executive Committee of NRNA-NCC China (2011~2013)

NRNA-NCC China successfully accomplished the 2nd Annual General Meeting of NRNA-NCC China at Hotel Asia International Guangzhou, China on the 28th May 2011. The AGM was attended with intensive aspirant audience of more than 200 from China and abroad. Mr. Devman Hirachan, the NRNA-ICC President was invited as the Chief Guest and Mr. Tanka Prasad Karki, Nepalese ambassador to China (Special Guest) also contributed his valued presence in the programme. Several ICC and NCC representative from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Macau etc. attended the jubilant AGM.

The AGM concluded with the formation of 3rd Executive Committee of NRNA-NCC China (2011~2013) unanimously under the presidency of Mr. Sundar Thapa (23 Member committee including ICC representative)

Unanimously Formed 3rd Executive Committee of NRNA-NCC China (2011~2013)
1. Mr. Sundar Thapa President
2. Mr. Rajan Jammarkatel Senior Vice President
3. Mr. Navin B.K. Vice President
4. Mr. Sanjay Kumar Chetani Vice President
5. Mr. Sudesh Kumar Jha Coordinator
6. Mr. Pradip Neupane Joint Coordinator
7. Mr. Razoo Shrestha Treasurer
8. Mr. Prakash Chandra Kharel Spokesperson
9. Mr. Pradeep Bhandari Member
10. Mr. Sushil Belbase Member
11. Mr. Amar Byanjankar Member
12. Mr. Damodar Parajuli Member
13. Mr. Rajiv Keshari Member
14. Mr. Rohit Agrawal Member
15. Mr. Lila Prasad Uprety Member
16. Mr. Rajan Ghale Member
17. Mr. Ram Kumar Rai Member
18. Mr. Khamsung Gurung Member
19. Mr. Nirmal Chaulagai Member
20. Mr. Utsab Shrestha Member
21. Mr. Bijay Bhandari Member
22. Mr. Milan Gyawali Member
23. Mr. Ranjan Dhakal ICC Representative

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